How I make Money Online Adventures in CashCrate Why I LOVE this site!

United States
August 11, 2007 7:40pm CST
I was super skeptical when I found CashCrate at first. These people were gonna PAY me to take surveys?! No way! But I gave it a try. Because I thought it might be a scam, and didn't want to put too much time into it, I only did enough offers to make $11.90 my first month, then waited for my check. I honestly didn't think it would come. But then, one day, there it was in the mail!! I was thrilled. This place was for REAL. And it really worked. So, now I'm giving it a REAL go. I do a couple of surveys every night before bed. And only 11 days in I've got $25!!! I think thats amazing. There is an august promotion going on, you can check it out on cashcrate's forums.. it shows that some users have already made over a $100 this month!! I bet if I put at least 20 minutes into surveys every day, I'd be up there too! So thats my new goal. And because I love CashCrate so much for this awesome service they provide, I started up a website of my own, to help people out and to give them more info. Check it out -- If you want to learn more, or ask me any questions, feel free to! I'd love to help you out. :)
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• India
12 Aug 07
CashCrate.... well, not that I am signing up for it, but I find a major drawback. They are doing business on the internet, yet they won't pay by paypal.
@aesopm (306)
• Indonesia
12 Aug 07
You can also make money with this site - payout very small - only $1 for paypal and $0.01 for egold.
@oreed8 (77)
• United States
12 Aug 07
i love this site 2..i love the bonuses they offer every month..the highest i made there was $35.25 wit not dat much effert. i was shock when i made $35.25.