does dx strike back again????????

August 12, 2007 1:40am CST
hi frnds we havent seen DX for some time in wwe and u all know that HHH is coming back at summerslam he is going to take his revenge on booker T den what about HBK and moveover my question is that is there a possibility that DX is going to rock wwe again
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@vega83 (6346)
• Bahrain
12 Aug 07
As much as I would like to see DX back again, I don't think it will be happening anytime soon. And even if it does happen, I don't think it will last, I think Shawn Michaels has been close to retirement, of course, not that he can't wrestle, which he still can and very well, and entertain us too, but just because, well, maybe he wants to. But I strongly believe that we haven't seen the last of him, I mean, he won't go out like this, he's the heartbreak kid, he'll probably wanna go out with a "bang".
• United States
13 Aug 07
As much as i would like to see it happen, it wont. Unfortunitly Shawn Michaels wont be coming back because of Randy Orton and then i found out from one of my cousins that is best friends with one of the main dudes that works backstage that when Triple H comes back hes no loger a good guy but a bad guy. THAT LIKE TOTALLY SUCKS THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@kgwat70 (13396)
• United States
12 Aug 07
It would be cool to see DX again but they are both getting older and nobody knows if HBK is coming back or not. If they do come back, it probably will not be for a while. I definitely miss those two together. The WWE has been kind of boring since they went out with injuries. I used to dislike Triple H but now I like him and hope he kicks butt when he gets back.
@ayris77 (1304)
• Malaysia
12 Aug 07
I like Triple H,and i want to see that Booker-T will get hard injured as what Triple H got! DX the best!
@Se7enth (170)
• United States
12 Aug 07
I have a feeling that DX is wrapped up for a while. I have not heard anything on HBK. If his had any surgery or not and when he is returning.I predict HHH getting into with Booker over the whole "King of Kings" thing and then making another run at the title. If Triple H is a coming back as a face to go against Booker then we will need a heel wearing the WWE championship. Orton maybe winning the belt from Cena is the case. Alot of predictions, I know but if Triple H ends up as champ, DX is on hold for a while then. 7