August 12, 2007 3:34am CST
I know it's hard for me to leave To know that i have loved you for so many years and now i'll give up coz' this is the last thing i can do, to save my heart. i'm sorry if i didn't, make you happy even you're not telling me, in your eyes i can see i'm sorry if i didn't, make you laugh even you're not showing me, in my heart you can't hide. now that i am, letting you go you can leave, you are free, you can go i can only say, goodluck and godbless and hoping you can find the right woman from all the rest. But thanks anyway, for i've found you you've taught me how to love you've shown ,e how to trust and nowin my life that you are gone, nothing would remain, but the tears i gained. in your new life, i think you're happy now together with that lucky girl i hope you're satisfied i hope she can make you happy and laugh that thing i can't give you through the years we've got...
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