ADSL is easy to use?

August 12, 2007 7:01am CST
Do you think that ADSL is easy to use? I found it hardly to maintain. T1 or cable is better
4 responses
• Malaysia
12 Aug 07
I'm using ADSL modem. Never make problem to me and it justly fine for 4 years. I'm happy with it. So what is your problem, actually?
• Vietnam
12 Aug 07
my connection is too slow.
@aesopm (306)
• Indonesia
13 Aug 07
Yes, ADSL is very easy to use, stabil, and cheap in my country - about the speed can up to 42KB/second.
• Malaysia
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• China
12 Aug 07
i live in china adsl is easy to use i have used it for almost a far so good the only problem is a little expensive
@sneese (95)
• United States
12 Aug 07
When I signed up for my DSL through my phone company I thought it was just DSL, but found out here in the past month that it is ADSL, I haven't had any trouble with the ADSL. My trouble is with the phone company being able to maintain and keep up with any line problems that come up.
@aletanz (44)
• Italy
12 Aug 07
i live in italy and here adsl is too slow, and i pay it a others european country, the adsl costs much less, and is faster... but however, i haven't any big problem with my connection..