When do you sleep at night ?

@maanoo (40)
August 12, 2007 11:55am CST
Hi, I just want to see when everyone sleeps. I sleep at 3:00 AM daily! What about you? :D
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12 Aug 07
well, i should say i am a night person, i usually go to bed untill 3 or 4 oclock, especilly those days, i nomally go to sleep untill the morning of next day, because i really have a bad summer holiday, because i was lazy before, as the result, i couldn't got a good result, also i have to pay for it-which is when other people enjoy the time with their family, i am worried about my future. It's nightmare, it's a really bad headache.
@maanoo (40)
• Bahrain
13 Aug 07
We have the same situation as Bat's! Thanks for the response.
• China
18 Aug 07
I used to sleep regularly.usually at 11:00PM.but since I went to colledge and have a computer belong to myself,I began to go to bed later.partly beacause my roommates sleep later too and if they didn't go to bed i can't .Also i find i becoming sleepy less and less.if i force myself to do so,it just a waste of time.so i often go to sleep when i get sleepy.i can do something i want to.