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August 12, 2007 1:00pm CST
As we all know that global warming is knocking in everyone's door.So we need to understand this and be prepared for it's elimination. I have some of my views regarding this topic,hope you all will agree,if not please comment on my ideas. 1)Reducing the use of Bulbs which radiates excessive heat. =use lamp or tube lights.(consumes less electricity) 2)Saving electricity. =make use of the equipment as less as you can,avoid misuses. 3)Greenery is must. =Plant a tree,keep the plants which produces more of oxygen. 4)Avoid Pollution. =try to take walk for short distances and use bicycle where you most probably use motorcycle. The given points may not be appropriate or out of terms and condition.if so please do let me know.
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• China
13 Aug 07
I'm so agree with you!