@Haisum (35)
August 13, 2007 3:08am CST
i had a friend of 2 guys one of them was in skool with me and now again he was in college. he were friends in skool but not the best when i met him in college so we became gud and then best friends and i spent alot of money on him but he didnt even spent a peny on me mean while another guy came between us he was a very nice guy but dont know my friend didnt liked him he told me that we would b just 2 but i gave the another an oportunity and he proved that he is a good guy. my old friend and my dis new friend lived near to each other and i was far away from them they had alot of things between them like they didnt liked each other then they became good friend due to me and the previous days we had a fight i was on 1 side both of them were on the other now i think that both of them r responsible but they r not accepting this so what ur opinion what shud i do???? i m confused
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@kyutstudph (1263)
• Philippines
13 Aug 07
Hi Haisum! I am just wondering why your close friend doesnt like your new friend. I think the problem is with your close friend because he doesnt give your new friend the chance to prove herself that he is worth to be one of your friend. As a friend you should give advice to both of your friends. I believe in due time they will realize that it is better to be friends than enemies. Continue supporting both of your friend. Hope my advice will help. God bless you always as well as your friends!