Television's Monumental Disaster.. What Happened?

@raijin (10373)
August 13, 2007 6:08am CST
I think it's been a year now, since the should be Wowowee anniversary celebration occured. Sadly, the celebration turned into a monumental disaster. A stampeded has occured, that I think almost 79 people lost their lives just because of CHEAP publicity. Instead of laughter, tears fell and the whole country mourned because of negligence. I am now wondering what happened on these case, as we should be seeing people behind bars. Heads should be rolling, but pin-pointing one another just bought them time that they exactly needed. The organizers say that it's the local government's lapsed on their part, while the local mayor said that it's not their primary objective but the event organizers' lack in crowd management to control these types of events. Obviously, it's the organizer's foolishness who made this disaster to happen. They offered people with money, just to watch their suppoed to be celebration. I believe nobody got jailed, because of the connections this humungous station have under their belts. They cannot afford their station officials to sleep inside jail cells, as that would be a big slap on their face!LoL But seriously, don't you think that someone has to pay for these MASSACRE? Accident or not, money cannot bring back lost lives of people who came there just because of PROMISES that people be given MONEY. I don't think that people should that desperate for money, if not for those manipulative people behind that show. Attracting them with money, is definitely not a good market to create audiences just to put their show on pedestal. I really am wondering what happened to this case, as the supposed primary suspects are still fooling people as of this very moment..
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