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@J_peso (2434)
United States
October 26, 2006 8:21am CST
I'm sure everyone has by now heard of the terrible conflict taking place in Lebanon at present. I'm very concerned about how this is being portrayed in different parts of the world. It seems in particular America is supporting Israel and saying they are fighting a terrorist group....please let me know what you've heard and your opinions
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26 Oct 06
The Lebanese people are pawns in a futile fight. Hezbollah aren't even freedom fighters Lebanon is free all they want to do is wipe out Israel. Israel is only encouraging this battle to continue and I have to wonder if it's only to justify their military budget. Allot of money can be made out of war especially for the Americans as their the ones supplying Israel. Lebanon really needs to take action against Hezbollah. Israel really needs to step back and stop indiscriminately bombing children. I don't think that will happen you have two sides on polar opposites that think their enemy are "evil" with talk like that they'll never come to a compromise. Neither side is right, no matter what they say they can't justify the murder of inocent people.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
19 Jan 07
If you are every wondering how US news is painting things. http://www.cnn.com and http://www.msnbc.com I think is the other one. Sometimes the news is right sometimes it wrong, Most of the time lately they start with a story they run over and over and over, then leave us hanging never telling us the rest of it. So I end up doing searches on the internet to find out what the end of the story was... Most people should do their own research, as sometimes the way an event is portrayed in itself is propganda. - DNatureofDTrain