how is the life in Australia?

August 13, 2007 8:20pm CST
How is the life in Australia? My gf a girl learn English in university who love west culture very much wants to go abroad.At present,there are so many Chinese go to Australia a wonderful country? My friend there said he can take a part-time job with a pay 600 AUD a week.I don't have clear conception about this.Anybody who have been living or is living there can tell me for a Chinese or chinese couple is it a good idea to go out to Australia?
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@Malyck (3428)
• Australia
20 Aug 07
Your friend is right, there are such jobs in Australia that pay $600AU and even more, depending on the trade. I am Australian, and I think it is a beautiful country - the people and the landmarks are amazing. I have traveled before, and while I love other countries, Australia is definitely one of the best. If your girlfriend really wants to go abroad, and is well educated and career-oriented, Australia is definitely the place for her, and in the cities, there are large Chinese communities, so she won't be completely alone in a new place. If the two of you want something new, Australia's a safe choice. I wish you both the best of luck and a happy future in Australia or where ever you decide to go =D
• China
27 Aug 07
thx very much.maybe we will meet in ur beautful country