Make your office lovely

August 13, 2007 9:29pm CST
Boring desk,boring chair,boring telephone,boring computer,boring paper and boring work.All of these made us-office ladies and office men-boring and lack of energy.So I try my best to make my office lovely,such as put a fishbowl in which there are 3 golden fishes,a pot of tiny plant,some colourful cans on the desk,a cartoon cushion on the chair,pictures on the wall,etc.How do you decorate your office? But someone thought that is not appropriate because the office is just a place to work rather than enjoy yourself.In addition your colleagues,boss even clients will not evaluate you as a professional guy.How do you think?
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• China
14 Aug 07
I appreciate what your trying in your office. That's lovely,poetic.There're two pots of plants on my windowsill,too. I am always delighted to find new flowers budding and blossomming out.This is necessary,cause this is about what we are alive for,which in beauty,love,happines,not money. money is necessity,what you made in the office is passion!
• Malaysia
14 Aug 07
Yes, I agree with their opinion. And not with flowers and all the unnecessarily things. I said UNNECESSARILY. Working place must be decorated with working management skills. Management skills is always related to efficiency. What is EFFICIENCY? EFFICIENCY is having high output at lower input. Low management skills with low innovation is WORKER Low management skills with high innovation is ARTIST High management skills with low innovation is MANAGER High management skills with high innovation is AN ENTREPRENEUR. Easy for you to remember all those for good and very illustrative, just make a XY-axis graph; Y-axis for innovation (point upwards with arrow head) X-axis for management skills. (pointing right) On that graph, you will know your present position. MAKE YOURSELF PROUD FOR GETTING PROMOTION NOT FOR OFFICE DECORATION.