Man Eyes.

@ciades (1624)
August 13, 2007 11:32pm CST
Why man can't stop there eyes looking around with hot, attractive, and sexy ladies? Why there eyes keep on playing around even they are with there partners?
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@wotfpatty (2068)
• United States
14 Aug 07
It's human nature to notice attractive people. I am a woman and I notice good looking men. I just don't make a scene out it. My husband rarely looks at other woman when we are together THAT I CAN TELL but I know he is looking. Heck, I look at pretty women too! I think it is perfectly natural for men and women to notice attractive people and I don't think it means your partner loves you less or is more attracted to the other people. Just looking never hurt anyone. However, I do believe a man (or woman) should be discrete and not ogle other people when they are with their partner out of respect.
@ciades (1624)
• Philippines
14 Aug 07
Ya, i know and i understand that fact. But sometimes and for me it is an insult. I don't know and i want to tell you frankly, if i am with my partner. My eyes respectedly with him. Nobody can distract me or anyone else. BEcause for me the most important person is the person that i am with and the person that i am talking with. I am wish i will be like you.:-)
• Malaysia
14 Aug 07
Many reasons for good things. And it will be to the following; 1. man eyeballs' for sure not blind. If he is a blind person, definitely he cannot have all those things that you have mentioned. Means if your man reacting that way, you are a lucky women as your man is not a blind person. 2. brain receiving message from the eyeballs to interpreting the visual. And again you are lucky women, means your man is not mentally 'mad' person. 3. he tease you and try to educate you to be more better that other woman for whom he stared for. 4. look for your weakness compare to whom he stared for. 5. Consolation him with one light slaps(left & right) on his face to show that you love him and you are the one who need his attention. And this happening will keep him remembering you for the rest of his life. .
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