!!!...(gasps in shock)...A Paypal Payment Superjump! $4.00 to $17.46!

United States
August 14, 2007 12:10am CST
I don't know how this happened, but while I was watching Street Fighter II: Victory on Sci-Fi Ani-Monday, and at the same time responding to a topic on the right time to leave the nest (moving out), I noticecd that my MyLot earnings have now decreased to $0.15 cents! I thought, "WHAT THE F...??!!", and I gotta tell you, I was shocked as Hell as though my earnings were cleared because of something bad that happened that I wasn't informed about. But I had a hunch just as well about it. So I went to Paypal and logged into my account, and when I got to my account, I was shocked again as I saw my payments do a Superjump from $4.00 the last time I checked, to $17.46! I checked below and saw that MyLot had somehow cashed out my earnings automatically. Not to mention the fact that part 1 of my super article "The Cash Wastebasket Technique" was published and I was paid $3.00 from Associated Content! I didn't see this situation coming at all, but since i've turned 22 on August 8 of this year, it's more like an online birthday gift that was waiting for me while I was gone to Orlando, FL last week, the week of my birthday.
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@Elicia (31)
• Singapore
14 Aug 07
wow! congrats! I am still very new to MyLot, may i know why there is a decrease in our earnings?
@sunshinecup (7881)
14 Aug 07
LOL, congrats!!! It's nice to hear a happy story and that sure is one! WOW, way to go. So what are you going to by yourself with the money for your B-day?
@gloria777 (1678)
• India
14 Aug 07
Best wishes and may the almighty showers his blessing like this forever..