How do you deal with angry people?

August 14, 2007 1:03am CST
How do you deal with angry people? Do you talk to them or not or ignore them as if you didnt hear them?
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• Canada
19 Aug 07
if someone is angry with me I try to talk with them if they are willing to talk if not I will wait till they are calm our actions in anger are a choice not a result of our own emotion if we can't control ourselves when we are angry then we should seek help.
@dpk262006 (56225)
• Delhi, India
17 Aug 07
When the other fellow is angry, I generally avoid talkig with her/him, because we both are going to be angry, no one is going to listen, what we each other are expressing. So I feel, it is better to keep quiet at that moment, I can put forth my point of view later on to him/her. Because in anger, you lose your cool and do not judge the things in the correct prespective, your mind stops working logically.
@ryanphil01 (4186)
• Philippines
14 Aug 07
Here are some suggestions on how to deal with angry person(s). Be as empathetic and understanding as you possibly can. This will help diffuse the anger. It is hard to stay angry at someone who agrees you have a problem. Respond in a positive, self - controlled way. Assure them you will do your best to help them. Responding with the same attitude they have will only make them angrier. Listen to them. Maintain eye contact. Paraphrase what they are saying. Determine what the real issue is and try and respond to it. Solve the problem right away, if you possibly can. If you can’t, then get help. Don’t be judgmental. It is not up to you to decide whether the individual has the right to be angry or not. Find something to agree with them on. E.g., “Yes, I agree. The wait is far too long; however we are short staffed today and will do our best to serve you promptly” Negotiate a win – win whenever possible. Use the person’s name. Slow down and lower your speaking voice. Sit down if possible. Allow the person to talk – don’t interrupt Deal with feelings first, then issues. Source:
@juliefaye (1214)
• Philippines
14 Aug 07
IGNORE THEM! an angry person is deaf. they don't listen to any explanation whatsoever. if a person is angry nobody is right except him. So, if you encounter an angry person, just be quiet so you won't be the shock absorber. Let his anger subside and reason out.