Why is the value of US Dollars going down?

August 14, 2007 6:51am CST
I'm planning to dicuss here, why the value of US Dollars is going down? Is it heading towards distruction? Please give your views about it!
2 responses
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
14 Aug 07
well it is good for the canadian dollar because we are almost at par with the us dollar...
• India
15 Aug 07
ya! But why? Is it going to continue like this or will the value of US dollars raise again?
@zaichn (319)
• Philippines
15 Aug 07
I don't think that it is heading towards destruction. Maybe the value of U.S Dollars in your country is going down because the value of your currency is rising up.. That is why, as said of the first respondent in this discussion.. Canadian dollar is likely equal to U.S Dollar because their economy is just the same as U.S or maybe alike. For the 3rd world countries, which I happen to belong to (Philippines). Our president here implemented that we pay more taxes so that our economy will go up. Thus, the better our economy, the higher is the exchange of our currency (Philippine Peso). There has been an effect of the higher taxes that we pay.. Year 2003, our exchange rate of Philippine Peso to U.S DOllar is.. $1.00 usd is equivalent to P 56.00 And now, $1.00 is equivalent to 45.00.. See the difference? I think it has similarities with what is going on with your country. :) I hope I have explained it to your understanding. :)