Japanese man loses leg and doesn't notice

@estherlou (5017)
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August 14, 2007 8:40am CST
A 54 year old office worker was riding his motorcycle with a group of friends. "..he was unable to negotiate a curve in the road and bumped into the central barrier. He felt excruciating pain, but did not notice that his right leg was missing until he stopped at the next junction." Can you imagine! A friend picked up his leg and brought it to him. Both were taken to the hospital, but the leg was too badly crushed to be saved. http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/asiapcf/08/14/japan.biker.reut/index.html
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19 Aug 07
Just feeling excrushiating pain would cause me to pull over somewhere to make sure I didn't mess my leg up too much. Then I guess I'd put that leg down to get off the bike and would realize that there wasn't anything to catch the weight of me and my bike, so I'd end up on the ground. That would be a pretty hard realization that something was wrong, then watching my friend walk up with my leg. I'd be a bit freaked out.
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16 Aug 07
Its a wonder the man did not die from blood loss or infection. I can see this happen if someone was in pain but was trying to get where they needed to go and would stop then. It is really gross.
@Katlady2 (9920)
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15 Aug 07
Oh wow! That is too scary! You'd think he would've looked down at his leg when he felt all of that pain. It must have been such a shock to him when he saw his leg was missing. I feel so bad for the poor guy.
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@Feona1962 (7527)
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14 Aug 07
Oh my! He must have been in shock. If I felt that kinda pain I would have pulled over..It is too bad they couldn't save his leg. I bet the person who found it was a little bit nervous.