August 14, 2007 1:01pm CST
I'm havin a real hard time keepin old skool decks operable. ATM I'm ridin a vision jeff kendall re-issue with 210mm indies and 78mm sector 9s. Thats not the problem. It's deckbolts. hard carvin oldskool styles of skatin feature tall risers, and I just cannot find long deckbolts at all. Hardware stores have stuff which is *almost* right. Then you are doin 55 km/hr and *almost* make the corner...just not good enuff. I've tried all australian importers of product, but supplying the park is where the moneys at, old streetsk8ers like me are fossils and they're not intrested. Anyone out there have a lead on big risers/long deckbolts at all? I'm also looking for a more durable bearing. I haven't found something close to Nachis since they moved production to SE asia. Every time I try another brand, they last as little as one session (I'm @ 100kg). any big fellas got any recommendations?
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