August 15, 2007 7:36am CST
I'm a person who will be always be seen having mobile in his hand and using the keypads very fast, stopping for a while, thinking, laughing and then again keypads being preesed quickly. Dun't worry I'm just creating an SMS... Daily I do almost 60-70 SMS!! Sometimes I feel severe headache doing this. Do u like doing SMS?? How many SMS u do daily???
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• India
15 Aug 07
It was a long time when i used to SMS. even now I send SMS but if its important . I don't like SMS chat rather than i would like to speak on the phone and get things sorted out. I like fowrding messages to friends especially when I'm free . I generally have a list that is a group and I send them the messages at one go. So that i dont have to select each user everytime
@zaichn (319)
• Philippines
15 Aug 07
In my calculation, I average about 50+ sms messages daily since here in the Philippines, many service providers allows us to send sms to the same network anytime,.. 24-hr unlimited. If we avail that, definitely better since it is not expensive. But sending sms messages is tiring though. :)_ but still fun to communicate.