What Is your Firmware?

United States
August 15, 2007 12:23pm CST
What is your firmware and why did you choose this firmware? I Chose 3.40 OE because it plays more UMDS on a custom firmware, It has the foruth brightness setting, it has recovery mode in case I half-brick, It has custom XMB waves, Icons, the whole things can be pretty much customized, It plays the ISO/CSO/DAX/Homebrew stuff, Recovery can enable flash0 and flash1 and toggle the usb, plus it has the registry hacks witch enable flash and wma.... Oh I'm having a problem with that, for some reason my psp wont play ISOS/CSO/DAX or any of my homebrew anymore! It still plays PSX converted games and demos but no homebrew or ISOS, It has worked before though on my custom psp :D. I really wanted to use theme cycler some more, but it doesnt work no matter what folder I place it in, even if its renamed or anything in GAME, GAME150, GAME340 I even checked the recovery settings and nothing helps it. I can't upgrade to The M55 firmware or whatever it is because nothing loads except converted psx and demo games. Thanks
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