Family with a Vietnam veteran

August 16, 2007 5:42am CST
I was just watching a show on tv (think was on abc) and it was about people family with ones that went to Vietnam war, and my dad went. They said that they did a survey and tests on the people who went to Vietnam and also including their children and grandchildren and results have come back showing that a large majority of the children and grand children have problems, including: fertility problems, mental problems, deformities, which 4 out of 7 kids of my dad kids have, my brother died at 9 mths old (25 yrs ago june just went) from a hole in the heart and other problems with shunts etc. My father has had that many cancers cut out and off arms and ears etc Sorry just had to get it off my chest its just got me thinking, so any other Vietnam veteran children out there beware and maybe get yourself tested etc. Thanks for listening… I sort of feel bit better now
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