How do you take care of your delicate eye areas?

Hong Kong
August 16, 2007 5:59am CST
Eye areas are really delicate and eye care products are always unbelievably expensive. How do you take care of your eye areas? I would put on eye serum (Regene Time Reverse) in the morning and night time followed by an eye cream. I would use an eye cream with SPF 15 (L'oreal Perfect White SPF 15) in the morning and Olay Transformation Eye Cream at night. And I would do at least an eye treatment (eye mask - Regene Q10 eye patch) once a week. Sounds like I do a lot of things but they don't take very long. I have to fight the aging before there are the signs. What about you?
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@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
17 Aug 07
I use vitamin E skin oil in place of an eye cream.
• Hong Kong
18 Aug 07
Interesting, wouldn't it be too rich though?
@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
16 Aug 07
great! that would make you a lot prettier to feel good and be attractive to a male species and hopefully get a good catch to be your lifelong,don't you think that is a lot of work just to make yourself look younger? and very expensive ,too. if i may suggest, to preserve your younger looking skin and look even naturally better is to get into the healthy options regularly drinking a lot of "alkaline" water, eat a balance diet with meat,vegetables and fruits: eat a heavy breakfast and less and less on the next succeeding meals to prevent getting fat,have a regular exercise and no vices.that's it! it's just suggestion because you will be spending lots of time and money just for your eyes to preserve it's skin.this suggest a total maintenance.sorry , if i may sound so "male" on the issue but it's the issue of having a younger looking skin when one gets older.
• Hong Kong
17 Aug 07
*laughs* You definitely sounded very "male" on the issue. Well I guess the difference between male and female is not hard to understand. We just like different stuff, like guys like sports, cars and stuff like that, but we girls would love to prolong our youth whenever we can. It actually doesn't take that much of money when compared guys buying race bikes/ cars *laughs*.