Bipolar depression

@candy111 (241)
August 16, 2007 7:05am CST
I'm bipolar but am more on the depressed side and have only reached hypomania. I'm also of the mixed and rapid cycling type. Due to current research regrding bipolar depression, I am now on 300mg Lamictal, 300mg Seroquel, and 2mg rivotril. i also have a history of PTSD and have previously been with the above medicines with a ssri (lexapro); tried cynmbalta and effexor xr, and we even tried a combination with solian. I'm wondering if there is anyone there who has taken lamotrigine as the basic mood stabilizer then added lithium or valproate and if it has worked for them for depression pole. What dose was each given? Any side effects? Would love to hear inputs from people who are mainly on the depressed side and if they have actually managed to find the right combination of medicines.
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• Philippines
8 Nov 08
i have cyclothymia and am also more on the depressed side. what worked best for me was a combination of lamotrigine and 60mg prozac. are you still in manila? what do you think of forming a manila-based support group for people with bipolar disorder?
@Lifez2short (4969)
• United States
4 Sep 07
I have many family members who suffer from this problem as well. I really dont know much about the disorder or the meds taken for it. But I know where you are coming from and will be here to help if you need me.