fantasized place in EUROPE to are dying to go?

August 16, 2007 8:45am CST
My wish is to be in the place where castle-like life in the 17 century occured- where else? ENGLAND- of course LONDON. Thats the place I loved and longed to step at. Why? It is because I love to go back to the king and queen's land. Of course, ENGLAND is the birthplace of many famous people known worldwide(who do not know WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE?Also the people there are eccentric and humorous. Every place in London has its own thing to surprise you. _________HOw bout you? whats your place you have dreamt of gooing?
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@meemingNEW (2228)
• Philippines
16 Aug 07
Yeah, you are definitely right that ENGLAND is the birthplace of many famous people. A place in Europe that I really am dying to go is in Rome, Italy. "The Eternal City" I really love the architecture in Rome. The ancient civilization and their history. and because I am a Roman Catholic, I want to visit St. Peter's Square.. where the Pope lives. That is my life's dream. Thanks for your time. Best of luck to you!
18 Aug 07
Yeah. So i guess i will see you soon in EUROPE? hehehehe. By the way, I am angelo, Nice to know that someone in the other place seem to have the same ideal place to go.