is it normal to be in love with a married woman?results?

August 16, 2007 11:36am CST
hi friends,this question is not related to me as i am a girl too..but it is on behalf of one my friends who is a 23 year old engineering student.He asked me this question about himself as he is in love with one of his teachers at the university where he studies.i am not breaching any personal relationships limit cause he himself told me put this question friends can you suggest something waht should he he says he really loves this teacher since 3 years and everyday his feelings are getting stronger for her.but the thing is she is married.her husband is a very good person..i mean good for her too.i have told my friend to stop thinking about her as he is not a kid anymore..but he doesn't listen to me.i am a bit worried about his situation..he has never talked to his teacher about that but she surely knows that but behaves normally which i think is so wise of her but he thinks she is also interested in him..he will not listen to me..can anybody suggest something because this guy is really getting serious about her..thank you.
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