will the enimies love us when we'll intend to love them????

August 16, 2007 4:06pm CST
everyone says that tone should love each other and even this that love melts away stone heart!! My friends usually ask me this question but i always make them forget this and today i'm asking you people that will this ever happen?????? Will there ever be sum peace o this earth??? Will a day come when all the regions will stop laming each other and start promoting one another?????
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
16 Aug 07
It will not happen until the end of time and then everyone will know what belief is right. The only time that our enemies will love us is when they are our friends. For instance, my belief is that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ, a Jew believes in a coming Messiah on a white horse and follows the Torah, a Muslim believes that we all should worship Allah and Mohammad is his prophet, the Indians believe in many gods, and some believe in Buddha, the Chinese, those who are not Communists, believe in Confucius, the Japanese are Shintoists, and then there are the pagans, and the Wiccans. In order for us to be at peace with each other, we have to follow the same beliefs. Besides religion, the earth has to change and everywhere it has to be productive and that hasn't happened yet.
• Pakistan
16 Aug 07
awsome response!! thanks for your response!! keep sending them!!
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• Indonesia
30 Aug 07
I'm agree with some of your opinion, but I a little bit disagree with your statement saying "In order for us to be at peace with each other, we have to follow the same beliefs". I think people can perform peace, when there is peace itself inside us. Even there are many differences, as long as we respect an honor others I believe there will be peace. At the contrary a conflict often comes out even in a same beliefs. That's my opinion, thank you.
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