Why do twins argue so much?

United States
August 16, 2007 4:13pm CST
Today on the Rachel Ray show (repeat) she was talking with two guests who are twins. And, they are literally arguing all the time! And, you would think that two people who shared the same womb for nine months could find a way to coexist on the same planet (which is ultimately much bigger)! But, no way, these two women could not let go of the past and just move on. My brother and I weren't twins, but were so close in age (and appearance) that most other people just assumed we were and treated us as such. And, very much like twins, we argued all the time. But, he was my closest friend in the world growing up. He knew everything about me. And, vice versa. And, when I lost him in a truck wreck, it was devastating. I would imagine (though I have no proof) that twins are very much the same way, always fighting but somehow linked to the end. So, I was wondering, do all twins fight like that? Do all twins have trouble seeing each other as the adults that they've become and not just the kids they used to be? Is it hard to establish an identity seperate from your twin? Or, do others always compare you to your twin?
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@slim49z (216)
• Nigeria
17 Aug 07
Twins may disagree on a few things but they don't always take it serious. Even if they do. they always make up within minutes.
17 Aug 07
Interesting question. I heard quite a lot about arguing twins. The impression we all have is that having been twins they might have similar physical and mental development. But amazingly, though they look similar, lot of them are not mentally similar. Which means they thing differently. Also twins do care about each other a lot. These are the key factors that make them argue so much. Most of this arguing period is before they grow into a mature adult.
@huilee (1010)
• Singapore
17 Aug 07
Surprisengly, i didnt noe twins quarrel all the time... I mean i have two couple of twin friends and they are ultra close, definately closer then normal sisters... One couple is especially close and i basically never failed to see the other sister beside them... They dun argue that much and they talk about anything under the sky... Be it when they were in the same class, different class, same sch or different and now, even when they are working... I think they have this bond there which makes them closer... So its pretty strange when i see that header that twins quarrel about anything... =) Its pretty funny to see that ur so called twin quarrel with u so much... I dun have a twin... But i used to have close friends and almost everyone compared us... We used to be the best of friends, too bad things didnt turn out well... We turned into enemies... Not exactly enemies because i really dun hate nor dislike her... Jus that shes nt the type who can take things well and she thinks im better then her, when in fact shes the one excelling in things... She jus cant stand losing out to me... Haiz... THats very sad in fact... I sitll miss her sometimes, but i guess i tried to salvage the friendship... I couldnt n i still cant... So cherish the close ones around u ya...
@maddysmommy (16235)
• United States
17 Aug 07
I am a twin and my sister and I do not argue or fight like cats and dogs. Yes we may disagree on things but we do not argue. We have always been close and shared similar views. She is a lot stubborn than I am though, very tough, strong, upfront and doesn't muck around which it comes to family and issues. I on the other hand am pretty much laid back and relaxed and take things as they come. I am not too fussed or bothered by family and comments people make. It was difficult growing up though as others always compared the two of us, which one was good at this and that which I didn't like but tolerated it. Our family was very much into sports and very competitive. She was great at basketball and i was great at netball LOL My two older brothers were often mistaken as twins. Because all of us are a year apart i.e. 38,37,36,36,35 everyone thought there were two sets of twins in our family. My current avatar is a picture of me (left) with my twin sister Joanne taken in the garage, while we were giving our thank you speeches to our friends and family at our 21st birthday bash/party :)