Do you have a list for guys or girls....

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
August 16, 2007 9:05pm CST
Do you have a list for attributes for your future mate - or did you before you met your significant other? Not just physical - but you know - must be a reader or like the outdoors..sweet, must like hanging out and watching tv - or not - maybe must never watch tv...must want to adventure... Here's mine: Must march to own drum and not care about what others think Must think beyond the 9-5 doing of life Must be willing to be openminded about spiritual things, things we can't prove - ghosts and such -after all millions believe in god - someone you can't see, touch, smell, hear or give a mailing address to must be patient, rarely get angry - and never in inapropriate ways must be sweet must be someone I'm attracted to - of course good work ethic willing to both adventure - travel - go spelunking - whatever -and be a homebody must be willing to try new foods/restaraunts not be the jealous type or suffocating affectionate actually many of these would work for friends as well!
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@ranitam22 (1147)
• United States
17 Aug 07
I did when I was younger and in high school dreaming of who I would marry when I got older. I thought of things like he would have to be nice, have a positive attitude, treat me right, be self-sufficient, not too needy, and things of that nature. My current boyfriend is pretty much most of those things except his attitude can get really funky at times, but I guess mine can too. We kind of balance it out.
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• Abernathy, Texas
17 Aug 07
Well that' good. I have a husband. I think its most important to have shared values and to respect eachother and treat each other with patience and love.