Toys - are we toys of God

@SHAMRACK (8384)
August 17, 2007 12:27am CST
I hope we all are toys of God. I think all generations has toys. Humans play with toys even at their old age. Some feel as a toy for others even humans make others as their toys just to play have fun. It is childrens who use these toys most even parents use these toys some times. For other those theives and robbers toys are a boon when they need it for their profession. Here goes the values of toys we all need toys and we all like to have it at least once in our life.
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• India
19 Aug 07
we r not the toys of the god. god have some plans on us. our life gone on that way i think
• United States
17 Aug 07
oh man. what a horrifying thought! i sincerely hope that we are NOT merely toys in the hand of god. if there is truly a god, the very last thing i would want mankind to be was a mere toy! think about what that would say about humans as a whole...that we are trivial things subject to a passing whim that is liable to be outgrown in a very short period of time. lol though you know it might actually explain why "god" has let the world get the way it is now...kind of like a little boy with an ant pile and a magnifying glass!!