Where do you think is the best place to meet that someone special?

@joshua_w (501)
August 17, 2007 4:31am CST
We all met our partner or loved ones somewhere. My question is: where do you think is the best place to meet your future partner or that someone special? Some would say the workplace is one of them. While you do meet interesting people at work, it is few and far between, for me that is. The workplace is where you meet your enemies, i would say;-) Others would say social hangouts like the pubs or clubs where people go to unwind. And most people go there in groups so you had a higher chance of meeting someone who share your interest, perhaps. But the problem is when someone you're interested in is with a group of friends, there tends to be a little difficulty in really getting to know that person. Most just have a few drinks, a little chat and that's it. Still, i'd heard of one amusing account of a guy who said this: he would go to funerals or weddings to meet women. The reason: women are at their most vulnerable (or weakest, if you like) at those places! Women are emotional creatures, right? What better place than those two where they're at the extreme of their emotions. Think about it-women are either sad because of a tragic occasion at one place or sad (because they're not married yet?) at the other. Hmm, maybe the reasons are wrong. Anyway, that was just some examples. For me, i met my better half in the workplace. She joined a previous company i worked for and that's how we met. Nothing fancy. So, care to share?
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
18 Aug 07
I met my wife at her home after I had been introduced and seen by my then-future mother-in-law, who was satisfied with me, which is very traditional. Then the relationship between us developed very fast before we got married within one year. We love each other ecer since.
@joshua_w (501)
• Malaysia
20 Aug 07
So, yours was an arrange marriage. Is it widely still practiced in your country? People these days like the freedom of their own choice. It's good to hear of a successful one. Good for you then.