What do our dreams mean??

Lampe, Missouri
August 17, 2007 9:38am CST
Dose anyone know what our dreams mean? I think that our dreams some times tell us what we want, or what is to come. They sometimes are about what has happend in the past. When I was a kid I was in a car wrech with my mom and the scarry thing was two days before that I had a dream that we where going to wrech. Guess what it happend in the same place same way every thing as in my dream. How scarry is that? Well after that I desided to take my dreams more seriously and take some as warnings. What about you have you had a dream about somthing and it come true or happen just like in the dream?
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• Philippines
20 Aug 07
I personally believe that our dreams are trying to tell us something. Dreams share a piece of ourselves. They could tell about our state of mind, our wishes, our secret desires, our frustrations and inner dilemma. If you want to have your dreams interpreted, please visit http://2senseup.blogspot.com. This site talks about dreams and their meanings.