Does really pay?

@resley (53)
August 17, 2007 1:17pm CST claims to pay it's users after they earn a certain ammount, is this true or just another fake? Have you been paid?
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@beekay (422)
• India
22 Aug 07
I am still not payed as i am very new here. But as the discussions are going on, I believe MYLOT really PAYS. Have Faith and patience.
• Hong Kong
20 Aug 07
I'm interested in it also.. What is the minimun amount to be paid?
@youless (93718)
• Guangzhou, China
18 Aug 07
I can ensure you that Mylot will pay for you as long as you can reach the minimum payout by the end of each month. The minimum payout is USD10 and Mylot will pay for you before 15th every month. I received its payment twice and I am going to receive the third payment next month.
@wonderful1 (2076)
• China
18 Aug 07
I received money from mylot, so it is not a scam. If you spend 5 hours everyday, i promise you can earn over $20 per month by yourself. if you have some referrals, you will get 25% from them. good luck. do you like to join other sites? if you are intereted in it, i can send you some links, but you have to add me as your friend, then i can have the right to send you a message.
@Daelin (683)
• Brazil
18 Aug 07
I really don't know. At the beginning I cared now I don't anymore. It is nice to be here and talk about so many subjects. I read some people saying they pay, though.
@ryanphil01 (4186)
• Philippines
17 Aug 07
I got paid by mylot for several times now since I became a member about 6 months ago. I would have not been here that long if they haven't paid me, although I was here for other reasons like friendship and exchange of thoughts and experiences among members. It was fun hanging around mylot. I would definitely say that mylot is NOT a scam.
@gittabest (1949)
• Iceland
17 Aug 07
They have paid me many many times. If you want the proof, just go to my website, and check out the proof :D
• United States
17 Aug 07
I got a paymeny of $10.00 about a month ago. Now I am working on the next $10. Works out to about 25 cents an hour!
@sunshinecup (7881)
17 Aug 07
Well if it didn't I don't think we would see so many members that have been here 10 and 11 months. LOL None the less, yes it pays. I have been a member for 9 months and have been paid 8 months out of those. You can also do a search and find many posts from those that have been paid.
@drmusic (173)
• Mexico
17 Aug 07
hello ther, well i have several psot of people sharuing their experienmce in my lot, most of the have been payd 10 dlls or more, some peiople are long time users i have seen people with 5000 post or more and if they continue posting is becuse they get what it takes, also you cannot gudge untilw we try so lets make and effort to keep up the good works and wait to the end og month and if you reach the 10 dll minimu we will see the money XD