Ex-husbands and their noses

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August 17, 2007 5:40pm CST
I am having some difficulty with both of my ex-husbands. One of which printed out a conversation I had with him about me going out for New Years Eve. Saying how I got wasted that night and turned it into DCFS. Okay, the second ex is turning everything I write on here into DCFS. Not sure what me being Pagan has to do with my kids. Not sure what any of my discussions I have written on here has to do with DCFS. I have contacted my attorney to see what I can do about this. Still waiting for her call back. I'm at a loss for what to do about all of this. Is their lives so boring they have nothing to do but mess with me ? Just have no clue. What do you all think about this??? Can they do these things and get away with it? And, I'm under a screen name so how would they even know it's me?
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18 Aug 07
You being pagan has nothing to do with your children. It's just that too many people are very Christian-based and can't see around their own biases to see that paganism is not "evil" or "the devil's work." However, you getting wasted on New Year's Eve DOES affect your children. You are a mother. You need to think of your children first. Going out and getting wasted is harmful to them. It also sets a bad example. i'm not saying you shouldn't drink at all, but you SHOULD limit yourself and definitely NEVER get drunk.