Bobbie, Bobby, Bobbi - what is it with that name????

United States
August 17, 2007 6:38pm CST
ANyone else ever noticed that if your name is bobbie (no matter how you spell it) that the world seems to want to rename you? If you are a girl they just can't accept that it is only bobbie and not roberta or barbara or anything else - and once they do come to terms with that then you are RickyBobby, Bobby Bouche, Bobby's World, etc....what is it with that name? Are there any others out there who find their name is also a target for this random renaming and also misspelling issue - as there are various way of speeling bobby it somehow makes people want to spell it everyway they can as well! I have seen one person psell it like four different ways all when addressing me??? Oh, so very confused....
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