the greatest man I ever known............Jose Rizal

August 17, 2007 10:41pm CST
the greatest man id ever known is Jose Rizal.Do you know him,he is very famous all over the world.He is known because he is linguistic,an international playboy, and also he is famous for his writings against the abusive spaniards......he knows almost 8 languages or dialects and he visited all famous places all over the world.But the most important of all he is known for having 36 professions.
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@rouwel23 (1353)
• Philippines
25 Aug 07
rizal was one of the individual that have spurred the revolution of 1896, with him exposing the works of the Spaniards and of the friars and of the accomplise filipinos during that time, even though he was against a bloody revolution, he knows that it was indeed inevitable, that the spaniards would not give us true independence and would never recognize the filipinos as equals, he was one of the core group of the propaganda movement that tried to represent the philippines internationally and tried to let philippines become a province of spain rizal was also a surgeon and being a surgeon he cured his mothers blindness, through curing his mothers blindness it was an allegory as he tried to open the eyes of the filipinos to the abuses of the spaniards through his famous books, the noli me tangere translated as the social cancer, and the el filibusterismo, as to being a playboy, indeed rizal have lots of women linked to him, but he was a one-woman at a time man, and I dont think that would account as a playboy, he had women but he respected them all the way he was really a linguish, he learned to read and write at an early age of two years old, and studied abroad to learn new languages and to learn how to become a surgeon he is an epitome of excellence which every filipino should try to imitate, not settling for less and trying to be very nationalistic rizal aimed for greatness, we too should aim for greatness, the philippines need more people like our heroes to claim our greatness in asia, and to take away the shame of corruption of greed in our country if rizal was alive today he would surely write a book to expose the corruption of our government, and the mediocrity of majority of our individuals, let us stand up and achieve, aiming high, and reaching for the stars for our sake, for our country's sake the greatest man you have ever known tried for greatness will you not aim for greatness too, will you not try to follow his footprints, cause we still have a long, long way to travel before we sleep, a long, long way to journey before we sleep