how to make friend with foreigners

August 18, 2007 12:37am CST
i'm a Chinese girl,i always want to have a foreigner friend in my life.So she or he will make my english very good or teach me another language to me(i can also teach she or he Chinese.I think it will be fantasy),and i could ask she or he many questions i meet about the anther countrys.i want know their life which are different to mine. But,i find it's difficult to start.
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@rima0013 (441)
• Iran
15 Sep 07
dear new friend...first of every work is difficult but be sure you can do lot's of things here in welcome , i'm glad to be the 3rd one who has responsed your first discussion. have nice time.
• China
19 Sep 07
^_^thanks.because of my poor english expressions.i can't express most of my ideas always make me vexatious.sometime i even itch to writes in Chinese.oh god you have started many discussions that i like.they are reality.
@howard96h (11658)
• New York, New York
18 Aug 07
Hi hulinfox, welcome to mylot. We can be friends and write to each other and the more you read and write in English the more you will learn and your English will improve. Nice to have you join mylot. Enjoy your time here.
• China
4 Sep 07
you're so nice.i will be very please to make firend with you.
• Malaysia
18 Aug 07
It is just like you want to have food and drink. What make most interesting to raise up your appetite? Means you have to create a list of INTERESTS that prone to your indulge for having that kind of foreign friendship. and just like looking good baits for your fishing. Different bait will attracts different fishes. And I respect your prolific idea in having that kind of friendship because showing that you are not in "xenophobia" type of person. And have the plenipotentiary or verve to have good foreign friendship. So layout your INTERESTS and start bargain it for 'give & take' or 'take & give' with your good proposal. Make sure the advantageous are more than disadvantageous and try to negotiate those disadvantageous to be at minimum level.
• China
19 Sep 07
thank you for your response i'm sorry to forget to express my acknowledgement what you said i have read carefully,and i will try your method
• China
17 Mar 08
i also come from china and like to leanr another language ,maybe we can help each other ,lol !waht you think ?