August 18, 2007 3:29am CST
Hi, Has anyone tried the exercise video turbo jam or hip hop abs? I want to know if its good and if it works, I want to try it.
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• United States
31 Aug 07
Personally I love Pilates! It really tightens your tummy. I have also done T-tapp, she has a 15 minute work out thet works your whole body, check it out a t-tapp.com. But really all work outs work if you do them. Did you know that what they call rectangle breathing can help loose weight too. The procedure is as follows: Breathe thorough your nose, and Baywatch bikkini 123, then hold it and say (to yourself) Baywatch bikkini 123, baywatch bikkini 123, baywatch bikkini123, now exhale through your mouth and say baywatch bikki 123, bawatch bikkin 123, baywatch bikkin here i am. Thats 1 rep, do 10, 3 times a day and you will find that you will loose weight!! Toning musceles is another thing, but the increased oxygen flow will burn calories if you cut back on food intake you will lose a few pound!! That can be the kick start you need to motivate you to do other things!
• Philippines
31 Aug 07
Thank you for your advise, I most certainly will follow that.
• United States
31 Aug 07
Sure, there is also a book called jumpstart you metabolizm that outlines many like this, Anthony Robins calims hes had many client loose weight this way, not thet I follow him, but I have read it somewhere that he give his clients a breathing excersise to do and they all invariably loose weight. If you search in the net you will find something about it for free Im sure! YOu can do it! BTW T-tapp is desighned to strengthen joints and injured backs! Ir tapes are pricey but you can get them ebay for cheaper.
@deepakg4 (897)
• India
18 Aug 07
of course exercise is a good idea... you try its your health... let us hope good way...