do you have a private doctor?

@wendy805 (261)
August 18, 2007 7:08am CST
do you find that to have a private doctor a very important ? how does it cost? how often do you have a all-over physical examination, only when you are ill? in which way do you think a private doctor serves more,phsychologically or physically?
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@men82in (1270)
• India
19 Aug 07
We have to walk or to travel upto two kilometers to reach the private doctor or govt. doctor So it is horrible for us and also we likes this due to our fitness as such walking and doing exercises.
• India
18 Aug 07
yes I have......
• Malaysia
18 Aug 07
Yes for sure and indeed. Private doctor or so called as panel doctor is a must to every family actually, at least for your every six(6) month blood test. But how to manage it to get it done, is another matter to discuss. How does it cost, it depend to your discussion with principal doctor. You want it for per visit? per month? per invoice or any discussion will do as far as agreement between both party assigned. Me? for every six(6) at least for my overall test; blood, cholesterol, sugar level,.....and the et ceteras. I'm on physical treatment.
@lisa_wxy (393)
• China
18 Aug 07
i do think that to have a private doctor is good for our health.but is is not everyone can afford to have one.take our country for example, most people can not afford,only rich people can. i guess it would cost a lot a year,but i am not sure the exactly fees,it differs from country to country. to have all-over physical examination is regularly at least one time a year.both phsychological and physical health are important.
@rouwel23 (1353)
• Philippines
18 Aug 07
no I dont have a private doctor, I think private doctors would cause much and I cant afford that much. but having a private doctor would give you less hassles towards finding doctors and your medical records would be kept to his best knowledge. get the best doctor in town though.
• India
18 Aug 07
Yes have private doctor , when ever i am not well i will visit my private doctor and i will pay feeper visit and he will prescribe some medicines and i purchase the medicines.