I had to be away again. I have missed my friends..have you all been busy???

By Jodi
@jeanena (1616)
Bucklin, Kansas
August 18, 2007 12:47pm CST
I had to go on a trip about 5 hours away from where I live , there was a death in my family . My uncle from my mothers previous marriage to daddy Rex pased away. He was dads brother-in- law , his wife (aunt Jo) had passed away in 2000. I felt like he was still family even though mom and daddy rex divorced when i was 12, they remained friends until he passed on. Anyhow I was in Hollis Oklahoma and darn it has gotten so bad down there for a such a small town there is so much meanness and killings, mostly over drugs. I was truely appalled at what goes on there.I was so happy to be home Monday night , I spent some of the most uncomfortable time ever there. The racism I heard blew me away, and i really felt like the girl that we stayed at her house just didnt really want us there. The best part of going was getting to see my grandmothers 96 year old sister . I hadnt seen her in so many years and she is the only one out of 12 siblings left now. I did get some pictures of her so the kids could at least see Aunt Sis that way. I would like to take them all down to see her but i sure wouldnt want them to stay in that town even over night. I missed you all while i was gone and havent had much chance to be here since I got home.. So how was your last week , Been busy??
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