#3 of 101 Contradictions in The Holy Bible

August 18, 2007 2:07pm CST
How many fighting men were found in Judah? (a) 2 Samuel 24:9 says five hundred thousand (500,000) men (b) I Chronicles 21:5 numbers them at four hundred and seventy thousand (470,000)!
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@sunshinecup (7881)
18 Aug 07
Here is what I found. Hope this helps. http://www.carm.org/diff/2Sam24_9.htm Regarding Israel's number difference: The solution to the difference in counts for Israel seems to be answered in the Hebrew word for "valiant," which is "chayil" found in 2 Samuel 24:9. It means, "men of valor, army, host, etc." It seems to mean that the men numbered in 2 Samuel 24:9 were those with battle experience where the men of 1 Chronicles 21:5 were not. It was most probably true that there were an additional 300,000 men ready for battle who had not yet experienced it. Therefore, 2 Sam. 24:9 numbers only the experienced men, where 1 Chronicles 21:5 numbers all men of battle ready age. Regarding Judah's number difference: The solution seems to provided for us in the following verse six which says, "But he did not number Levi and Benjamin among them, for the king’s command was abhorrent to Joab," (NASB). Verse six states that the numbering process had not yet been completed since the tribes of Levi and Benjamin had not been numbered.
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18 Aug 07
This is an impressive response. I eally appreciate your knowledge on this particular subject. perhaps, your research and understanding explains the variation in the numbering here. Thanks.
18 Aug 07
Actually I question the Bible a lot myself even though I do consider myself Christian. These 101 contradictions I came across a few years ago on a web site. Some of the explanations I have found, makes sense to me, some don't to be honest. I do find trying to find an answer to be a pleasure though. That site I gave you attempts to answer them and does have many answers that makes sense. Not all I will warn you, but many. It’s a good site to look over when you have the time. I can say this, most of the main problems that cause the contradictions in the Bible is a problem with the translations. So much is lost or completely changed from it. It can be exhausting attempting to find the truth, that is for sure.
@SEOGUY (906)
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18 Aug 07
Wow! nick, my new hero! You are very right in what you wright, Not very many people would have been able to do this, mainly becouse most people would not even try. They just take everything blindly without questioning as truth even when it appears to contridict. Many contradictions are only incorrect translations. Hebrew was at one time a very hard languge to interpet.