Have you ever fall in any of the following situation?

Figerprint door lock. - Can a thief break it?
@Oneoneo (183)
August 19, 2007 2:09am CST
A thief/ burgler can enter the home through a door using several methods- 1. The door can be left unlocked 2. Door can be kicked in. 3. Door locks can be picked. 4. Door locks can be hammered until it fall off 5. Door can be pried open. 5. Door frame can be spread apart with spreader bar 6. Door locks can be drilled out with a power drill. 7. Door locks can be pried off with wrenches pilers. 8. Thives can obtain a copy of the house key from a aquaintance. Have you ever fallen in any above situation or any other situation by thives or burgler?
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