Do you like your roomates?

My room - the picture is my dorm.
It is small but I like it very much.
In it we talked about many things.
August 19, 2007 4:50am CST
As to my roomates,I like them very much.We are getting along quite well with each other.Often we will talk about all things and make fun of each other more than one hundred times. That't the source of joy.
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• Malaysia
19 Aug 07
Sometimes I like, sometimes I don't. At high school lately, I don't like some of my roomates, because they play running over my body when I was sleeping, no respect at all. Make noise and never consider other people around. However, when I moved to college, I like all my roomates, and I mix well with them. They are very encouraging, helpful, and caring. We respect each others and live in peace. So, basically, the answer of this question depends on our roomate characteristics and attitude.
• China
20 Aug 07
I wholly agree with what you say. But unfortunately, now I met some roommates just like your high school ones. Ai...What a pity!
@wonderful1 (2076)
• China
19 Aug 07
i like my roomates very much at first, but after a time i hate one of them, she is a strange girl, if she gets along with others, she likes order others. If you follow her order, she will let other roomates leave you. what a strange girl, at last, we all leave her. now i dont care about it.