how to live happy

August 19, 2007 5:09am CST
every body hasa different way to "live happy".for exemple my parents, and lot of people in my hometown' think that living happy is to worship god, doing good things, marring their children and to see their grand children grow up. young people see that liing happy is to escaping their own town, tell me what do you think about to live happy??
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19 Aug 07
my concept of being happy is to console my parents n loved ones n free them from troubles they have big or happy when i do something i wanted to do n achieve success in it.a small smile in other peoples face makes me happy when my hubby hugs me!!!...playing with water makes me happy in mind..then i think we can live happy..
1 Sep 07
hi lot of people may share you you concept of beiing happy. especialy when you say that smiles make you happy, but i wonder if every smile means the happiness in itself, i mean we say in our country that the one who is always smiling is the sadest one at all, there are a very thin line between hazppiness and sadness.thanks a lot