Clixsense users... Seems Clixsense is up to its tricks again without warning,

United States
August 19, 2007 7:50am CST
I was going to run a few ads and do a test spend before I unloaded several ads. This was going to be my second time purchasing ads from account balance. Previously before there were no minimum, buy your ads, pay up 20% fee. So I went ahead and deposited 30 cents to run 30 ads to test the waters on this new launch program that is giving away 5,000 e-mail leads that are time stamped and full information, a heck of deal. When I submitted all my information I received a Red notice informing me there was a $3.00 minium. Now my funds are locked up to purchase ads. So I've decided to keep my cash since I have more then enough to get paid and the rest of the month to earn more. I think it's just dirty pool for Clixsense to hide the fact of $3.00 minimum when people are use to the no mimimum and surprise you at check out. Most likely they have the info buried some where in there terms of service of the fee as well as with any business that they reserve the right to change the TOS at anytime. When companies make these changes, these is the first sign of trouble for a business going down the drain or squeezing the consumers for more profits, just like the oil companies.
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