I have lost 10.5 gb of bandwidth due to fault of ISP.

August 19, 2007 10:30am CST
The news have been being on the air for last 7 months and i discovered it today only . I discovered today only that the limit to internet usage ( upload + download) for those subscribing the plan i am in has been raised from 1 gb to 2.5 gb . This is a great news for me . In fact this upgradation has been in effect since 1st january 2007 but I wonder why the ISP , BSNL( Bharat Sanchar NIgam Limited ) did not feel it necessary to intimate the existing customer about it . And i was in dark . Every month i had to struggle to keep my usage under 1 gb to avoid the extra charge . I affected badly my online marketing efforts and other online tasks like mailing . But i cannot absolve myself for the 8 months loss of 10.5(1.5X7)gb bandwidth use . Because , i should have surfed the bsnl website for new informations . That should be habit of any consumer. But the loss to me has been enormous . I have missed much scope for marketing my website http://www.onliner12.ws
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