HIllview House Singapore

Hillview House Singapore - There is an urban legend surrounding the Hillview House, Singapore. It was owned by a high-ranking British military officer during World War II, and being able to have a clear view of the nearby Bukit Timah area was crucial at that time. After the war was over, the British couple returned back to UK and it was also believed that they have the title deed and the URA couldn't demolish the property. Decades later, someone bought the house and the renovations began shortly. But the renovating was only near half completed as something might have happened. The mother had mental illness and one day while her 3 children were playing hide-and-seek in the house, she killed 2 of the children who were supposed to be hiding (in the game). After killing the 2 children, the mother went to the bathroom to clean herself up and unfortunately, the seeker saw the horrible sight of this mother cleaning the murder weapon. But before he could run away, he was killed promptly too.
@EZhang (165)
August 19, 2007 9:02pm CST
In 1990 when the owner bought Hillview House, it was mortgaged for $5 million. On the second mortgage in 1994, it was for $10 million. But apparently, there was some problem with the loan. Perhaps it was just realisation of the handsome profit the owner ha made in the property boom back in those days. Whatever the real answer might be, the tale of the Hillview House in all its probability isn't at all as depicted in the urban legends that surrounded it then.
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