a thing about in-laws

@haqueen (236)
United States
August 20, 2007 1:41am CST
i think many ave been in such relationship that ask for a fight with in-laws .i came to discover that in evry family u will never be axcepted full by your in-law fully there must be some who will be aganist you...and this happen to every family both side of the couple and the best way to handle this is to ignore them ... but ave never heard a perfect family which has no thing a about in-laws i gues am right???????
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@mrskitty (74)
• Philippines
21 Aug 07
I have many experiences with my inlaws some good some are not... just treat them as a spices in your life. We have no choice, you have to deal or not deal with them....
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
20 Aug 07
Hi haqueen! When we were newly married, my mother in law couldn't really accept me so as days passed by she is somehow spying on how I do things. I just let her be at first but then she got into my nerves because she keeps on talking behind my back. We had a fight but I won't go into details anymore. As time passed she gave herself a chance to know me and I have given her that too maybe because she knows she won't win. My husband told her that if she can't really accept me, he won't force the issue but he has to have his own life with me because I am his life. I guess, that day, my mother in law was able to let go of her son and let go of her jealousy. I told her that I am not competing with her for his son's affections because I have my own place in his son's heart and she has her own too. Take care and have a nice day.
@vinzen (1022)
• India
20 Aug 07
Yes you are quite right in saying that maybe there are very few families who really live happily with their in-laws and have no problems at all. The main reason as i see it is because they are not your own parents and this kind of acceptance has to come from both sides, that is, we have to start taking them as our parents and they have to start taking us as their children too. Then alone i see harmony and better understanding with in-laws. Somehow , its been an age old problem, that either daughter in-laws are treated as daughter in laws alone and son in-laws as son in-laws, making a clear cut demarcating line betwen relationships and vice versa, where the son or daughter in-laws, dont accept the inlaws as her parents, or close to her parents, reasons vary from person to person. But yes, in short this problem persists in 95% of the homes i guess, and those who live happily and have no problems at all, are the lucky ones,and should value such relationships and pray that it stays forever.