Did Man Really Stand On the Moon?

United States
August 20, 2007 6:52am CST
Hello. I know this may sound like a crazy question. But I am become more skeptical of what I am being told be the televisions and the government. Anyway, I was reading about man's first trek to the moon and it makes me wonder why we haven't been back to the moon since? Also, I wonder if it wasn't just some way of keeping people off of the tragedies that were taking place during that time with the civil rights movement, the assassinations, the woman's movement, the war. So my question is: do you think that we really went to the moon or was it fake?
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@ruseneca (212)
• Bulgaria
20 Aug 07
I think man really standed on the Moon.It's not a fake.Why everyone should be so skeptic?When someone spread the rumour that man hasn't standed on the Moon and that was only a fate everyone starts doubting on this fact.
• United States
20 Aug 07
I understand where you are coming from. But I guess I am wondering why we haven't been back and also all of the challenges that astronauts are being faced with although the technology is far more advanced. And I am an American, very proud of it, but a skeptic when it comes to what the government tells us about what's going on worldwide.