August 20, 2007 11:04am CST
I'm just wondering how one earns in this site...Does anybody got an idea?...Is it per discussion, regardless of its length?...or is it depending on the thought or idea that one share?...or is it depending on the topic raised?...perhaps you can share with some ideas baed on your experience or perhaps facts from the promoter of this site...thanks
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@wonderful1 (2076)
• China
20 Aug 07
i joined in this site 4 months ago, and now i earn over $18.00. Frankly, i got my first minimum payout in 15 days, then i have to go away from mylot, becasue i have to spend too much time with my parents. and the other reason is that i can't have a verified account, and i cant withdraw money from it. so i often quarrel with my boyfriend about it, and just a few minutes ago, we had a quarrel about it. i hope i can use e-gold to receive money as soon as possible.
• India
20 Aug 07
Well I am new member of the site but based on my little experience I feel that the site pays more for the topics or comments which are long. Also I do feel that the quality of english used also matters. Also if you start nice and interesting topics, you are sure to receive more responses and thus earn more. Uploading a picture to the discussion you start enhances its value. But after saying all this, I would say that I may be wrong.