do u believe in god.........

August 20, 2007 12:12pm CST
do god exist......
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• Puerto Rico
4 Jul 08
Dear Ro, Yes I do believe in God. According to Psalms 83:18 His name is Jehovah. Many people might ask, "Why praise Jehovah?" Well, an outstanding reason for praising Jehovah is that He is the creator. The 148th Psalm helps us to focus on this truth. Just imagine: If you approached a large group of people who were singing a beautiful,moving song, how would you feel? What if the songs lyrics were words that you knew to be true, expressing thoughts that you knew to be important,joyful, and uplifting? Would you feel the desire to learn the words and join in? Most of us would. Well the 148th Psalm shows that you are in a situation similar but far more wonderful. That Psalm describes an immense crowd, all praising Jehovah in unison. As you read the Psalm, though, you may notice, something unusual. What is that? Many of the praisers described in Psalm 148 can neither speak nor reason. For example we read of the sun,moon,stars,snow,wind,mountains and hills praising Jehovah. How can these inanimate creations do such a thing? Really, in the same way that the trees, sea creatures and animals do. Have you ever watched a beautiful sunset or looked up at a full moon sailing across a sea of stars or laughed in delight at animals playing or gasped in awe at a gorgeous landscape? Then you have HEARD the song of praise coming from creation. All that Jehovah has made reminds us that He is the Almighty Creator, that there is no one in ALL the universe so powerful, so wise, or so loving.(Romans 1:20, Revelation 4:11) The 148th Psalm also describes INTELLIGENT creation as praising Jehovah. We find Jehovah's celestial "army," the angels, praising God. In psalms 148:11, powerful and influential humans, such as kings and judges, are invited to join in the praise. If the mighty angels find delight in praising Jehovah, what mere humans could rightly say that he is too important to do so? Then in Psalm 148:12,13, young people are invited to join in and praise Jehovah as well. Are you moved to want to do that? Learning about all that Jehovah has done for mankind can have a positive effect on us. When we think about the amazing things Jehovah has accomplished, we can hardly hold back from talking to others about Him. All of us were designed with a spiritual need for guidance, and to see us fulfill that need pleases Jehovah God. I encourage you Ro, to take some time, and get to know Jehovah. You will not be disappointed. If this is not your wish to do so, I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity for sharing MY beliefs in Jehovah God.
• United States
30 Jun 08
You know, I am a witch and I have to say..yes, I do believe in God. You do not have to be Christian ot believe. Jewish people do, Muslims do, people of the Asian religions do..and most pagans and witches do! (We also follow the 10 Commandments, contrary to popular belief. The were given to Moses for all to follow WAY before Christians were here or Christ was even born.) I do believe there is one.
@vamsi38 (64)
• India
21 Aug 07
yes i do believe in god........