Why Indian and Chinese people are not allowed in many Get Paid to sites?

@ibsnet (1268)
August 20, 2007 3:21pm CST
I have seen people are earning a good money from some famous Get paid to sites. I tried to join. Just going to sign up I see Members from India and China are not allowed. What hell these GPT sites think of people India and China? We Indian and Chinese are wrong in what way? If the site is on internet it should be international and if not they should not upfront deny some people to join. Or they may resist their site to open in India and China. Anyone from India or China have any say about this?
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• United States
31 Aug 07
I do know that some sites do not allow people from certain countries to join because of that countries laws or papal. As others have said write to the admin of the site. If they can't give you an answer they are not worth your time anyway.
• United States
31 Aug 07
ibsnet, Please do not take this too personally! From what I have seen, sometimes it is the government which will not allow people in their country to receive payments from some internet sites. Like some of the others said, I would contact the site owner and ask them why membership is not available in your country. Good luck, and we will all look forward to progress to a more international society. CH
@williamjisir (22902)
• China
31 Aug 07
i am from China. Sometimes when I receive some of emails from some paid websites, when I opened it, it would say,"it is not in your area." So immediately I forget it. I don't care about too much about it. So what? We have mylot, which is the best for us. Mylot is enough is for me. Thanks for your discussion, dear friend.
@MisterPlus (1917)
• Philippines
22 Aug 07
There should be no discrimination from GPT sites. I was planning to join one.Now that I know how they treat other countries I will ignore them.
@ibuemma (2954)
• United States
20 Aug 07
hi ibsnet. Be honest i'm not sure but you can ask the site owner. Only one time in the past, one of the GPT site have some sort admin message for all their members, that they start not receiving member from Chine due to a lot of them had multiple account or the address that their register not match their IP address ( address in United States, but IP address is from China ).